what a fabulous little place. i was there when we canoed for 60 kms for 3 days- we swam in datca waters, in isolated bays, fighting waves that appeared threatening to canoes alone. but datca on land is sweet, quaint and because it is relatively more difficult than other places in terms of getting there, it remains less touched. the waters are clear and green, sand is actually pebble-y and the water is far from warm. i laughed long and hard once in and felt disoriented once out. can't wait to post some pictures.


walking for a reason

1st May was fabulous. years of not being able to march and now the second year the Turkish people have been allowed to walk in comfort and for their rights- it was marvellous. no wonder i like football matches- crowds of more than 60,000 coming together for one cause is a feeling of power and of union. it was quite a yogic moment for me. for someone who didn't grow up here which is why i don't carry the wounds of the past, it was still moving to see thousands moved.

and the next walk will be this sunday for the "filters" occurring on the internet. life is not becoming any easier.