dans dans dans

bu haftasonu cumartesi 3.5 saat dans etmisim. sonrada saatler ileriye alindi, neden yandan yedim diye dusunmemem gerek. tango olsun, 80'ler olsun, dirk'in soul muzik gecesi olsun dans etmek iyi geliyor. bir noktadan sonra dusunmek bile zor geliyor.

iste o yogadir.


Yoga with Irem an oasis in a busy work week! It is great to see a group of teachers enter the class with all kinds of stress and nervous energy and leave with relaxed smiles on their faces. Aside from better flexibility, less stress and improved fitness levels, I have also had significantly less problems with cold/sinus issues this year. I think the breathing that we do at the beginning and end of class has made a big difference. Irem is just a great teacher, she started the class 6 months ago with both practiced and new yoga students at a level that was comfortable to everyone. She has slowly introduced us to more challenging poses and breathing in a way that was not at all overwhelming. At the beginning we could barely do 10 sun salutations and now we plan to do 40 sun salutations next week.



yoga yapmak

sabah yogasi en zoru ama en guzeli. yola cikmadan once yoga yapinca ne ayaklarim sisiyor ne de metabolizmam alt ust oluyor. ve de kafa...kafa huzurlu oluyor. her sabah 10 dk yoga yapmak, bir kac tane hareket bile genel bi IYI hissettiriyor.


necmi usta and his harem

yesterday was a rainy day...and cold. but i had decided to go to necmi usta with dirk so nothing could change my plans. i didn't know the exact street in tarlabasi but i knew the angle the street was at from the tango class window...dirk had googled his telephone number just in case.

we entered the street and almost immediately without even asking there were men pointing us in the direction of "dancing shoes". it was in a dilapitated building, narrow and steep stairs, a shot out of a horror flick perhaps...necmi usta was on the top most floor. it was relatively empty, with only one other woman waiting. i happened to comment on it and necmi quickly said there might be a lot of women coming very very soon. a few minutes later the shop was full...of women excited about shoes.

my mom got her shoes made in pakistan. she would choose the leather, mostly snake skin, the model and the heel, a few weeks later it would be ready. necmi's shoes takes 2 months. he makes 200 shoes a week. he has 4 guys working in his shop, god knows until what hour. there were shoes against the wall, shoes in boxes, shoes on the desk, materials for shoes, heels hanging out on the floor, pictures of tango dancers, film posters...it was a sensory experience and there was glue in the air.

it took me a while to choose and when i did it took him a while to come to me and take the order. he tested the tightness of the shoe around my toes, we discussed the heel and its colour. serious business.

when he was jotting down notes for my order i realised i had ordered the same type of shoes my mother used to have made decades ago- patent leather and snake skin..except this one was going to have a glittery silver heel.