when looking for a job in Melbourne

moves are not easy. i have moved countries with only two suitcases. it is easier than interstate moves i think. with interstate you can take almost everything you own, when moving countries you selectively eliminate. it all comes down to what you envision your life to be and what is most important to you. the same logic is one i am applying to my job search. a job gives you a glimpse into what your lifestyle will be like. time though it may heal many things, when one is unemployed time gets to your head if you are not careful. here is how i am keeping time away from eating away at my self- esteem.


yup gardening has been a savior here in Melbourne. i had a veggie garden on my vision board and we moved into a house that had a veggie garden!  vision boards rock. the cherry tomatoes were going nuts! i made sauces, gave them away to visitors, presented them as casual appertifs. i was loving it. and then i cleaned it all up for winter vegetables- peas, carrots, cauliflower and spinach. two weeks in they have started to peek out. i have been very excited.

yeah it is the best way to cope after 45 rejection emails. plants respond by growing. i have started to propagate succulents slowly, monitoring them everyday. these beings are just amazing. they are my green pets that just keep on giving.