here i am Melbourne

February 21st at midnight we touched down in Melbourne soil. it is tough to say this but Darwin had a difficult time letting go of us. i was scammed by fake bond cleaners on the second last day in our Darwin home. i ended up cleaning for eight hours and then was saved by another 'real' bond cleaning company hours before handing in our keys to the real estate agent. the scammers sent a very pregnant lady to clean and we turned her away. scam watch and several facebook police pages had massive alerts about this company. research is important in this day and age!

our electricity was not hooked up because the landlords left the main switch on...you may think it is summer in Melbourne but only during the time the sun is out. when that sun goes down the temperature rapidly drops. we camped out at home for a night. romance shomance with little lanterns, it was bloody cold. they hooked us up on Monday thankfully.

with many more dramatic stories up my sleeve but i shall  spare you, we did escape to Wilson's Prom  in the peninsula of Victoria. absolutely breathtaking. i  miss the Territory vista but the Victorian coastline's sun and clouds' dance is different. Stu took his kite along and we had a grand time. the cottage we stayed at was at Walkerville which is a pleasant drive from everywhere in the area. a fluffy-eared koala hung out in our backyard. kookaburras laughed everyday at dusk. the gorgeous rosellas chatted around the seed bowl at tea time. whiskey beach at Wilson's Prom was our favourite. less popular, more secluded and prettier in my opinion. there was a beach called Squeaky beach and the sand did squeak between your toes. i had cramps in my tummy from laughing so hard. i have never seen anything like it.