a few hours away from Melbourne

i did my first one day road trip in Victoria! there is quite a bit to explore in this wonderful state. an hour out of Melbourne there is an immediate freedom of space and sky. my friend Liza is off to London to reunite with her partner and bring him back to Australia in the next two years. we went on a day's drive to the dairy world beyond Bendigo. the farms and boundless fields started as soon as we left Melbourne. the drive was great. it rained most of the way but it was still lovely. and Melbourne weather changes every hour. it was sunny skies when we came back by train.

we stopped at Shamrock hotel for a coffee. i loved it. i felt like i had entered a time warp and i had fund myself in the 19th century. apparently Bendigo was a gold mining town and it showed. the statues in every other corner,  the lacy buildings and wide roads did not feel like the usual small town. there was a tiny little tram i saw trundling down a street which i thought was very cute.

then off we went to a dairy farm in Leitchville. i had never been to one before. 200 cows get milked every morning! we had the tastiest tea with that milk... They had one chubby goat called Reid.
he was adorable. he was munching on some grass when we were walking towards him, i called out his name and he looked up! we hung out with him, did some yoga and got ready to head back to Melbourne by train. only a two hour train ride from Bendigo and voila we were back in the city. the Victorian countryside is very soothing. i slept like a baby goat that night.